The Consulting Service of Varichem of Colombia, aims to assess and prevent any negative impact that may occur on human, physical or environmental resources within the sustainable development of the industry, through a highly specialized staff based on in an operational, efficient and competitive structure that achieves the highest standards of performance in the consulting sector.


  • Diagnosis, Preparation and Updating of Contingency Plans.
  • Consequence Evaluation and Technological Risk Analysis.
  • Implementation of the Incident Command System.


  • Tools for spill volume calculation.
  • Consequence evaluation and technological risk analysis using Phast Risk – DNV.
  • Calculation of stain trajectories and wear phenomena through Mike 21 by DHI.
  • Video tracking of access routes to control points and strategic sites with manned and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Design, implementation and administration of geographic information systems.
  • Development of customized applications on ESRI technology.
  • Provision of Geoservices from our technological platform.