Service of attention to emergencies caused by oil spills through 14 TIER I response centers and 3 TIER II response centers.

  • Supply of personnel specialized in oil spill control and fire control.
  • Supply of specialized equipment for the control of spills (Barriers, Skimmers, temporary storage tanks, water pumps, boats and accessories).
  • Available stock of specialized products for the control of oil spills (oleophilic fabrics, degreaser, among others).
  • Specialized environmental advice.
  • APCDRC (R) is a multiplatform web system that allows the management, monitoring and control of emergency plans using market technologies.

APC - Administration of Contingency Plans

This methodology developed by Varichem of Colombia, is oriented to the management and operation of the contingency and emergency plans. The APC seeks to maximize the capacity and quality of the response to an emergency